DAS Antenna Types

Types of DAS Antenna

DAS Antennas take a variety of different shapes and sizes, but ultimately fall into two categories based on their pattern of RF radiation

Omni-Directional DAS Antenna

An omnidirectional DAS antenna typically mounts underneath a ceiling (like a smoke detector) and provides coverage 360 degrees around it. There are a variety of shapes with some samples shown below.

An Omni DAS Antenna is the most typical antenna installation on Distributed Antenna System sites in open areas or down hallways. Typically, if you have a line of sight to an Omni DAS antenna, you would be likely to have good reception (presuming your operator is connected)

DAS Antenna, DAS Antenna Types
SISO Omni DAS Antenna
DAS Antenna, DAS Antenna Types
MIMO Omni DAS Antenna

It’s possible to procure a variety of shapes and sizes which dictate how good the radiation pattern is. Typically, Omni DAS Antennas support 700-2700MHz with DAS antennas providing supporting into the 3800MHz or 6GHz bands.

MIMO DAS Installation traditionally requires two DAS Antennas per location to enable MIMO (more on MIMO DAS here). But it is possible to get an ‘all in one’ MIMO DAS antenna which has two internal antennas but aesthetically is just one single larger housing.


Slim DAS Antennas

Regarding aesthetics, there has been rise to Slim DAS Antennas which are popular with architects and the like. However, these Slim DAS Antennas are often not accepted for use by the operators, and their use can quickly result in an operator rejecting the system. Physics reigns supreme over the performance of DAS Antennas and the smaller they are typically, the worse they function as DAS Antennas.


Leaky Feeder/Cable

Strictly speaking, a cable is not a DAS antenna, but it is a means of radiating RF coverage in a DAS, so it is worth noting.

Typically, leaky feeder is not regularly used anymore in environments outside of tunnels. Historically it would be looped around a floor above the ceiling to provide coverage as an alternative to several DAS antennas below the ceiling


Directional DAS Antennas

A directional DAS antenna is intended to provide coverage to the area in front of it. These get deployed far less often in common building types and sometimes get used in a car park ramp or semi-outdoor area. Typically, they are referred to as panel DAS antennas and appear rectangular. Some samples are shown below

Much like their Omni antenna counterpart, you can get MIMO DAS Antennas as well

DAS Antenna, DAS Antenna Types
SISO Panel DAS Antenna
DAS Antenna, DAS Antenna Types
MIMO Panel DAS Antenna

Getting the right DAS Antennas is a critical part (and only 1 part) of the overall DAS Design process. Wireless Coverage Solutions are experts in the entire DAS process end to end. Contact us now for a free consultation