About Wireless Coverage Solutions

Wireless Coverage Solutions is a private company providing world-class in-building coverage solutions across all types of environments. We work primarily with building owners and technology managers in the provision of turnkey mobile coverage solutions utilising our in-house teams.

Our focus is on ensuring the right solution for the right environment.

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Services and solutions are available across all types of infrastructure ranging from stadiums, commercial buildings, airports, shopping centres, small business, conference facilities, hotels and clubs.





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Chris Carr


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CEO and founding partner.



Chris has over 20 years executive management and business leadership experience incorporating general and financial management roles throughout the Asia Pacific region.

Throughout his career he has been responsible for delivering technology- based solutions for network operators, enterprise and consumer markets.  He has experience in both start-ups and large multinationals and has led diverse teams and developed future industry leaders.

Ryan Salway

B.Eng (Telecommunications)

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CTO and founding partner.



Ryan brings over 8 years of technical expertise in developing and delivering in-building RF solutions, leading engineering teams and interfacing with the respective mobile carrier teams.

Having served as a technical adviser on in-building coverage solutions throughout his career he has been involved in the development of the industry, the guidelines in which it operates and has a clear view of its importance in the future.