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5G DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems)

5G DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems) 5G DAS Solutions are really the elephant in the room right now. The exact strategy of how 5G will be delivered over DAS continues to become clearer and evolve each day. Realistically it will be a combination of 5G DAS and small cells where appropriate to provide the end to [...]

Active DAS vs Passive DAS – Distributed Antenna System Topology

Active DAS vs Passive DAS Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) can be installed in various system topologies, some of which you’ve likely heard of such as Passive DAS, Active DAS and even Hybrid DAS. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the terminology and acronyms in the DAS industry. Fundamentally, every DAS system is made up of [...]

What is a Distributed Antenna System? DAS Systems

Distributed Antenna System (DAS) in Australia Wireless Coverage Solutions is a Sydney, Australia based company in the Distributed Antenna System (DAS) industry and have been providing In-Building Coverage (IBC) throughout Australia for some time. As a company, we are experts in Distributed Antenna System Design, DAS Installation and Commissioning. What is a Distributed Antenna System? [...]

DAS Room – Distributed Antenna System Equipment

All Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) require a DAS room for operator equipment and depending on the DAS topology deployed it could require additional locations of various sizes and configuration. We’ll detail some of the considerations of the ‘Main DAS equipment room’ which is typically required regardless of topology whether active or passive. Main DAS Room [...]

How to improve 4G Signal with a 4G Mobile Signal Booster

How to improve 4G Signal with a 4G Mobile Signal Booster You may have heard about a 4G signal booster for mobile phone reception (also hear them called Range Extenders, 4G Antenna Boosters) which if used correctly can boost the 4G mobile phone signal indoors. But what do they do? Is a 4G signal booster [...]

4G Cellular Repeater – Improving reception in Function facilities

4G Cellular Repeater - Improving reception in an RSL A local community club reached out to Wireless Coverage Solutions to assist with the design and installation of a 4G Cellular Repeater to improve coverage throughout the premises, which was frustrating for the staff, limited function bookings and provided a poor visitor experience. This club was [...]

Site Office Internet via 4G External Antenna

Site Office Internet via 4G External Antenna Site offices can be weird and wonderful places located in basements, construction sites and are often temporary in nature consequently unable to secure a quality fixed-line internet connection, instead relying on an external antenna for 4G internet. If you are having challenges with the internet in your site [...]

4G In-Building Coverage DAS for MLC Centre

4G DAS at the MLC Centre, Sydney Customers at Dexus’s MLC centre in Martin Place in Sydney are now enjoying a world-class mobile experience as a result of the new Distributed Antenna System (DAS) deployed by Wireless Coverage Solutions Pty Ltd. The project required close collaboration between Wireless Coverage Solutions and the Sydney Telstra team [...]

What is 5G? A Technical Explanation

What is a 5G network? Without fail, each and every day, I get asked “but what is 5G?”, so I collected my thoughts to provide this 5G  technology explanation. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be challenging to realign expectations and understanding on such a technical topic while riding even the longest elevator rides in the tallest [...]


DAS Design: SISO, MIMO or iMIMO? You may have received a specification for a MIMO DAS and not entirely be sure what it entails, it is a lot of acronyms crammed together. Alternatively, you might be considering ways in which to deploy a top-end DAS system. This is really the nitty-gritty detail of DAS topology, [...]

DAS Antenna Types

Types of DAS Antenna DAS Antennas take a variety of different shapes and sizes, but ultimately fall into two categories based on their pattern of RF radiation Omni-Directional DAS Antenna An omnidirectional DAS antenna typically mounts underneath a ceiling (like a smoke detector) and provides coverage 360 degrees around it. There are a variety of [...]

Cellular vs Wi-Fi (and Wi-Fi Calling)

Wi-Fi vs 4G Mobile Mobile phone reception and Wi-Fi are completely separate connectivity technologies, whilst a mobile phone can use Wi-Fi for an internet connection and Wi-Fi calling when available it is not the typical medium of making and receiving phone calls. There is a little confusion in the consumer space between 5GHz Wi-Fi and [...]