Reliable Site Office Internet via 4G

Site offices can be weird and wonderful places located in basements, construction sites and are often temporary in nature consequently unable to secure a quality fixed line internet connection instead relying on 4G for internet and phone calls. If you are having challenges with the internet in your site office, Wireless Coverage Solutions have extensive experience achieving night and day outcomes, contact us now for a free consult.

Site office Internet, Reliable Site Office Internet via 4G

Often these site offices are made up of demountable or shipping containers (neither of which is particularly good for 4G signal penetration). Worse yet are basement locations underground surrounded by concrete.

Due to the unique and temporary nature of these offices often they are unable to get any kind of fixed ADSL, NBN or fibre-based connections and are forced to tether to 4G based devices for all their internet needs. On top of that often everyone around them and nearby site offices is doing the same and fighting to share the very limited capacity on the network available to them.

How to get Quality 4G Internet for Site Offices

There are a couple options here, which will vary operator by operator. A very popular choice is the use of a Netgear Nighthawk modem on the Telstra 4G network as they allow for computers to be hardwired with ethernet (rather than relying on WiFi). They offer high end 4G speeds (when a quality signal is available) having access to all of Telstra’s high frequency LTE bands such as 2600MHz

Where people often go wrong is relying on the device’s internal antenna to get a viable 4G signal, creating a complete bottleneck in the system and more often than not resulting in poor internet reliability and speed making cloud based business challenging in the day and age of Dropbox and OneDrive. The site office is meant to be a place where you can get work done, but more often than not staff end up avoiding it as it just results in frustration.

Site office Internet, Reliable Site Office Internet via 4G
Omni directional antenna poorly mounted
Site office Internet, Reliable Site Office Internet via 4G
Donor antenna facing into the sky

Adding an external antennas can make a pretty big difference to the quality of signal coming into the modem and thus the performance. Unfortunately, a lot of people try and DIY this with mixed results, purchasing poor quality antennas, the wrong type of antenna, installing them wrong, facing the wrong direction. It’s fairly challenging for someone who doesn’t do it all day everyday to know where their nearest Telstra site is, what direction, what bands it has available and what type of antenna to use. Realistically to do this accurately needs a spectrum analyser that can decode 4G signal (not something most people have lying around)

Site office Internet, Reliable Site Office Internet via 4G
4G Decoding Spectrum Analyser

When external antennas are deployed properly with a quality 4G it can be possible to achieve some respectable speed tests and completely change the user experience as a lot of these sites currently struggle to even get a reliable 1Mbps. Once there is a good 4G donor its possible to extend the scope and add a booster inside the office space itself to improve the experience to your mobile phone, a detailed article is available here

Site office Internet, Reliable Site Office Internet via 4G
4G MIMO antenna atop site office
Site office Internet, Reliable Site Office Internet via 4G
Speedtests over 4G Site Office Internet

Wireless Coverage Solutions are specialists in all things 4G networking whether it be phone coverage or using 4G coverage as your main internet connection. Site offices are not an easy problem to solve by nature and often require professional design and installation. Contact us to discuss your needs further