4G and 5G DAS for MLC Centre

mlc das, 4G and 5G DAS for MLC Centre
mlc das, 4G and 5G DAS for MLC Centre
MLC Speed Test Conducted with Live Telstra 4G
mlc das, 4G and 5G DAS for MLC Centre
Optus 5G tests conducted in the Commercial Tower on a SISO DAS system

4G and 5G DAS at the MLC Centre, Sydney

Customers at Dexus’s MLC centre in Martin Place in Sydney are now enjoying a world-class mobile experience as a result of the new Distributed Antenna System (DAS) deployed by Wireless Coverage Solutions Pty Ltd.

The project required close collaboration between Wireless Coverage Solutions and the Sydney Telstra team as lead carrier to enable them to activate coverage throughout the building in a phased approach. This enabled improved coverage for the building’s customers, in a timely manner, where it was needed most.

The solution is a multi-sector Hybrid SISO DAS covering the main tower on the site from Level 8 to Level 67 and has over 700 antennas and 15KM of coaxial cable.

 “I am very proud of the whole WCS team for the way they delivered the DAS solution. It was a great team effort. The co-operation with Dexus was fantastic ensuring there were no disruptions to the customers or the daily operation of the building.” remarked Chris Carr MD Wireless Coverage Solutions.

Since its initial deployment in 2020 Optus has now deployed 5G services on the DAS, demonstrating the upgrade path potential of such systems when designed appropriately.

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